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From generation to generation, we are grateful for the alumni, 父母, and friends of 巴黎人官方版APP下载 who support its mission of educating students in the liberal arts and sciences. This shared mission prepares 巴黎人官方版APP下载 graduates for rewarding careers in business, 法律, 医学, 部, 教育, and other engaging and meaningful careers.

今天, 巴黎人官方版APP下载 students rely on scholarship support, with nearly 95% of all 巴黎人官方版APP下载 undergraduate students receiving some form of financial assistance.

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Stories from Our Donors:

A Journey in Education

As a high school girl growing up in the shadow of 巴黎人官方版APP下载, Ruby Nell McMahan Ormon took art lessons at 巴黎人官方版APP下载. As an undergraduate student at University of North Texas, Ruby took summer classes at 巴黎人官方版APP下载. Her college path ultimately led to a Ph.D. 在营养方面 ...



Craig Florence ’84 loved his years as an 巴黎人官方版APP下载 student, where he earned a degree in economics and was active in several academic and social organizations—even being selected as Outstanding Senior Man.

As he went on to complete a 法律 degree at Baylor University and begin ...